There are many types of pessaries available. They can be used to treat both prolapse and / or stress urinary incontinence.

The pessary is the mainstay of non- surgical management of prolapse and or stress urinary incontinence. A Pessary is a silicone vaginal insert that holds prolapse in place. Certain types of pessaries are designed to obstruct the urethra during activity thereby treating stress incontinence. Pessaries are available in many sizes and shapes. It is typically inserted and removed by the patient. With a properly fit pessary you wont even know its there.

Of all the different types of pessaries, I find the ring and the incontinence ring are the easiest to use and most well tolerated.

of Incontinence Ring

Ring pessary – excellent for the management of all types of prolapse. Its size and shape make it simple to remove and insert.
Pessary Ring with 

Incontinence Ring Pessary - the "knob" feature on the pessary can prevent loss of urine during physical activity (Stress Incontinence)