Getting Started

It all starts with an initial consultation, where we will discuss the principles of hormones, assess your symptoms, review your medical history and answer your questions. Laboratory testing will be ordered. Most insurance plans cover laboratory tests but if yours does not, we have the option of a saliva test or a blood spot test, which are typically less expensive.

A follow-up visit is then scheduled approximately two weeks after your labs are ordered. During this visit, your labs are reviewed and we discuss a treatment plan designed specifically for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get my medications from?
You can get them from a local compounding pharmacy near you.
When can I pick up my medication?
Please give the compounding pharmacy 24-48 hours to make your medications. Remember that each prescription is custom made for you. It can take several hours to make a single prescription.
Will my prescriptions be creams, pills, other? Can they be combined?
Depending on your health history and the specific symptoms, your medication types will be chosen according to your individual needs. Sometimes items can be combined; the pharmacist will be the best person to ask.
How much do they cost? And will my Insurance pay for them?
Bio-identical hormones cost an average of $30–45 per item per month (the same as a copay for many people). Getting a 60 or 90 day supply, or combining items (when appropriate) can cut down on the cost. In the beginning you will be given refills of 30 day supplies in case something needs to be changed or adjusted. Once you are stable a 60 or 90 day supply will be allowable. Insurance companies differ as to what they will pay for hormones. Most insurance companies will only pay for a 30 day supply at a time. You will have to ask your pharmacist about your plan.
When can I expect to see results after starting the hormones?
Depending on your symptoms, it can take from 2–4 weeks to see improvement. In general it takes 4-6 weeks for medication to reach its peak in your system. We want you to give the medication at least a month to see relief of most symptoms but results will vary. For example, a Progesterone troche under the tongue will often improve sleep within a week but slowing and halting the weight gain of menopause can take several months.
How often do I have to follow-up?
After the initial consult and two-week follow-up for lab results and individualized treatment plan, the next follow up is in three months. Subsequent visits will be in 3, 6, or 12 months depending on how you are doing. It is based on individual needs. You will need labs drawn two weeks prior to your follow-up visit, and then schedule your visit at least one week before you are due to run out of your medicine. If we do not give you the prescription for your labs and/or schedule your follow-your visit, then the appropriate time to arrange these things is one month before you are to run out of your medication. Please don’t wait until you are out of your medicine to schedule labs or follow-up.