Enjoy Your Life Again

Hormones aren't just about menopause. Throughout your life — for women and for men — hormones play a key role in how you feel, both physically and mentally. They are the messengers that influence and regulate nearly every cell, organ, tissue, and function of our incredible human body. They control fertility and sex drive, moods and emotions, and many of the body's functions like weight, blood pressure and energy level.

As we begin to age many of our hormones go out of balance, which can cause our life to become out of balance, resulting in annoying and often debilitating symptoms such as:

Without effective treatment, we may begin to experience the onset of heart disease, osteoporosis, cognitive loss, and more. For many years our only choices were low dose birth control pills, synthetic hormone replacement, antidepressants, or sleeping aides to help with symptoms. Fortunately, we now have effective alternatives.

Bio-identical hormones can help bring balance back into your life, restoring your energy, vitality and even your personality, using hormones that are biologically identical to what your body made before menopause happened. Because each of us is different, we each have a unique response to hormones, one that is based on genetics, age, stress, general health, nutritional status and our environment.

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